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Tips On Maintaining Slot Cars

Are you familiar with the cliché that goes, “Don’t fix it if it is not yet broken”? Apparently, this does not work out every time. Take the case of your slot cars, for example. Just like life-size automobiles, there will come a time when age would ultimately take its toll on them. They’re not necessarily broken, but would you want to see this happen before you even make an action? Slot cars need an amount of regular maintenance to make sure that they are always on top-notch […]

Slot Car Racing – Bringing Out The Driver In You

It takes decent driving skills to win at any slot car racing competitions. And as with anything that involves skills, constant practice leads to gradual improvement. Here are a few advices on how you can make it into the winner’s circle. Practice staying on course. Staying on the track is a rarity in slot car racing. Not many can do it, but the skilled ones have quite developed the flair for it. You, too, can stay on the track during the entire race, if you take some […]

Overview Of Slot Car Racing

Slot car racing was popularized in the 1960s although the hobby has been around a few decades earlier. The first commercial slot cars were made during 1912 by an American company called Lionel. From then on, it was only a matter of time until mass production of slot cars were fully realized. Several decades after the first slot cars were produced, people are rediscovering the hobby. Slot Car Scales Slot cars are basically miniature versions of actual models of car. The only difference these have with other […]

How The Popularity Of Slot Cars Began

The invention of the automobile in the 1800s gave the people a glimpse of an impending technological advancement in the field of transportation in the coming years. Not only did it spark interest, it also paved the way for hobbyists to start collecting miniature car models – now popularly known as slot cars. Toy makers found it a necessity to duplicate the quality that car manufacturers have applied on their automobiles, thus paving the way for the creation of slot cars. But did you know that the […]

Conventional VS Digital – Which Slot Car Best Suits You

There wouldn’t have been a choice if we were living in the sixties. But as it is, slot car racers are polarized between sticking to the traditional system used by conventional slot cars and the modern appeal of digital slot cars. Here, we will walk you through the differences between the 2 types of slot cars. Let’s begin. Conventional Slot Cars Conventional slot cars are the traditional slot cars. These root from the earliest types of cars released during the 60s. As such, they pretty much pick […]