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Building A DIY Chicken Coop

Building A DIY Chicken Coop If you’ve never had a flock of chickens and are considering it, then you […]

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Different Types of Chickens

Different Types of Chickens While there are dozens of different types of chickens, selecting one to be a part of your flock can be challenging. First you’ll want to consider the role of the chicken meaning, is it a pet, will it be bread for meat or an egg producer? There are lots of choices to make when selecting the right type of chicken. Egg laying chickens come in a variety of breeds and their egg production will vary. The top egg laying chickens that produce white […]

Top Tips To Building The Perfect Chicken Coop

Top Tips To Building The Perfect Chicken Coop If you’re in the market to add a chicken coop to your property you won’t have to look far to find many pre-built designs, especially online. However, it’s a good idea to do some research before purchasing online housing for your chickens because there are some bad designs out there and it may become costly if you pick the wrong design. This article will highlight some of the features to look for when seeking a solid chicken coop design. […]

Frequency Needed To Clean The Coop

Frequency Needed To Clean The Coop While chickens may be “simple” animals, they still like to feel comfortable and part of that comfort involves keeping your chicken coop clean. A tidy house for your fowl will not only make for happier, more productive chickens but will help fight against disease, flies and vermin. Chicken can be messy so how often you have to clean the coop depends on how fussy your chickens are. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on the coop as often as […]

Tips On Building Chicken Coops And Runs

Fortunately for those of you looking to build a chicken coop and run, there are a number of different designs and plans to accomodate those looking to raise chickens. It’s a good idea to already know where you plan to house your fowl as well as the number of chickens you plan to rear. Once you’re certain of these two aspects, you’re ready to look for ideal coop designs. The internet is a good place to either find inspiration, plans, or pre-built chicken coops. You might enjoy […]